Thursday, April 12, 2012

Google Galaxy Nexus and GED's

I recently upgraded from a Nexus One to a Galaxy Nexus. My daughter has the intermediate phone Galaxy S. Apart from being a great phone using the GED devices means you get the latest firmware from Google as soon as it appears. For example on a trip to the US last January my daugther received ICS on her Nexus S within a week of being in the country. I received ICS on my Motorola Xoom a week later and I see the Xoom's being sold in NZ still are on HC. The Galaxy Nexus comes with ICS out of the box and in my view it's a great improvement over HC. Plus the large form factor of the phone makes web surfing, ebook reading and other applications so much nicer to do. And the large form factor in my view does not make the phone unwieldy. I also can't wait until BNZ goes live with their electronic wallet app so the phone with NFC installed can be used instead of an EFTPOS card.